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Bringing noble persons together

The main object of the Noble Society is to promote welfare of the whole world i.e. physical, spiritual and social welfare of all  living being


Our mission is simple...

Divine words


Make the world noble

“May we look at all with a friendly eye”


Helping Mentally & Spritaully 

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Noble Society


The main object of the Noble Society is to promote welfare of the whole world i.e. physical, spiritual and social welfare of all living being.


What is Noble?

Noble means good qualities. The noble human being one who is sincere in thought &  is good in character with good action of deeds.  Noble Society is a group of such people.


What is noble society?

The people who are conscientious, honest, just, incorrupt, incorruptible, fair straightforward persons. The persons of such qualities are the backbone of the society.


Why we need this type of society?

As a consequence of their efforts, the society will encourage the virtuous and honest people in the society to make this world noble.


Principle of the Noble Society based on  the following:

1. The divine knowledge

2. The Divine constitution for Human way of life and humanity

3. The Treasure of all True Knowledge of the True Sciences

4. Revealing the mysteries of this life and hereafter


How does the Noble Society work?

1. Noble Society work is for the uplift and reform of the society and to make people self –confident and self-reliant.

2. Noble Society is establishing to make people good to rid the society of its evils, and thereby build up a free, strong and united nation.


Function of the Noble Society  &  their aims



In order to do good to others of any kind, it is a pre-requisite condition, that the person who wants to do good to others should have the required knowledge, ability, capacity, and will power, and should posses adequate means equipments etc. then only one can do this important duty, welfare of all with selfless spirit. In order that a person may successfully work for the 

physical progress of others, he should himself posses a healthy body, free from diseases, and he therefore, will have to acquire suitability  for this task by improving his own health by proper exercise and yoga, healthy and balanced diet and by following the rule of health. “Shariram aadyam khalu dhramassadhanam i.e. this body is the main agency of doing all righteous acts and “Naayamatmaa balahiin labyyah”, a soul in feeble and sick body can not achieve success.




Helping Physically

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In order to achieve spiritual progress, one must have firm and unshakable faith in the almighty, omnipresent god who is creator of the universe and administrator of justice also. This faith will eradicate the feeling of false pride will make us realise our smallness and will protect us from doing wrong deeds. Spiritual progress provides that intelligence which controls the mind, the strength of the body and spiritually developed intelligence bring the desired result by sublimation of the power of the body. This intelligence and strength, besides taking to the final aim of salvation, is also essential for the establishment and maintenance of law and order in the society, for making citizens fearless, and for eradicating corruption, misdeeds and lawlessness.



The third area of doing good is that social progress. Human being is a being by social organisation, individual capacity is increased many fold and it is through society that we inherit, cherish and pass on from one generation to the other, the collective richness of our culture, literature and all that we are proud of. We can develop and enrich it. We can also save our society from its downfall by fighting against wrong traditions, customs, blind beliefs and undesirable practices. To get the sources progress Noble Society organises welfare activity in the different category.


a) Education for the children

b) Establishing free school and college

c) Provide free treatment for the poor people and establish free charitable organisations and hospitals

d)   Arranging the job and self employment for the poor peoples.


Area of Social works

Teaching the young to get their self confidence through establishing physical education, martial arts, judo karate etc.

Fight against the impurities for example illiterate, racism, child marriages, lust, extra material fairs, violence, corruption, superstitions, dugs, start anti smoke and drink, drug campaigning in the youth society and start charitable hospitals.


Start campaigning to aware the society about imbalances of the climate, pollution, environment, unemployment and organise the yajna which removes the impurities of the air, rain water and are thus conducive to happiness of the whole world.


Noble Society sponsoring a child to educate them and give them a better future arrange charity for their fees, books, free school meals. Other missions of work to promote media agencies support charitable dispensaries establish yoga workshops. Arrange funds for marriages for the poor people. Creating jobs and self employment for the helpless people.


Noble Society has the following department

1) Youth Society

2) Women society

3) Health society

4) Media society


Noble Society Supporting the following    Organisation

1. Omanand ashram MP

2. SMI medical camps Punjab 

3. Arya Samaj India



Helping Socially 

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Message of Noble Society


 It is universal movement will now be dealt with under the following:


  • Philosophical and spiritual principles
  • Outlook towards the world.
  • Ethically disciplined life
  • Development of individuality
  • Development of social conciseness
  • World unity and universal brotherhood


Other activities of the Noble Society:

Religious activities reform like Freedom of thoughts, monotheism, spreading the knowledge and teaching the humanity and yajna and religious services.


Who can become a member of society?

The ns does not denote any particular sect nor does it belongs to ant political party and religion neither it refer to particular people residing in particular country. Therefore it follows that any honest and decent person who either liver in any part of the world could be a noble society member. Every one who wants to follow the aim and objects of Noble Society and to become a member must not be under the age of 18 years.


If you are interested to help please contact us on our free phone number or address below:


Noble Society

5 Station street west 

Coventry CV6 5NA

Phone - 08713106443




if you would like to support us please 


PAYPAL Email - 



Key peoples in UK 

Mrs Pardip Kaur

Mr. Harish Dhokia

Mr. Vinod Kumar

Mr. Andrew Philip

Mr. Tajinder Bancil

Mr. Hardeep Bhardwaj

Mrs Jaswinder Kaur

Mrs Shammi

Mrs Gurminder Kaur

Mr. Manohar Singh

Mr. Balwinder Singh

Mr. Kulwant Singh 

Mr. Mukesh Patel

Mr. Harvinder Singh


Key People in India 

Dr. S Ram

Mr. Vijay Kumar

Mr. Devi Singh

Dr. Sangram Singh



Omanand Yoga Ashram
Dev Dharm, P.O. Gandhinagar
Indore, M.P. India 463112
Phone: 0731-288-2873
Fax:     0731-288-2265